Our programs

Our world of up-to-date technology is constantly shaping our daily lives and the future of our children. The long exposure to digital platforms and the rapid exchange of information is affecting the way we live. Adults on average are now spending a staggering 9 hours a day looking at a screen, a third of which is spent on our phones. A study show that children 5-16 years old spend 6 hours a day in average in front of the screen and experts say this is altering our children’s behaviour such as: children are losing their ambient awareness, children are having difficulty calming themselves down, kids social and communication skills are declining at an alarming rate, children are lacking empathy, children are unable to read social cues, and are losing patience quickly.

There is no doubt technology is changing us and will significantly affect our children’s future. What would our society look like if we do not adapt and continue to our traditional ways? How do we strike the balance between technology and social interaction? How do we nurture our children to become digitally and socially balanced?


Our Solution

“Engaged reading” – Read More and Talk More

Using Levra Foundation’s “engaged reading” method, we help foster deep learning and social interaction. The power of engaged reading is far more important than we can imagine. There is a connection between engaged reading and life success. Reading does not only enhance a child’s vocabulary but it also helps them to understand different topics about the world and everyday life. Reading is a gateway to knowledge. There is a wealth of research supporting the benefits of daily reading with children. It improves brain development, empathy, listening skills, builds early literacy skills, strengthens reading ability through practice, improves academic performance and improves relationships.

Youth Mentorship” – Guiding the Youths

At Levra Foundation, we believe that learning is a continuous process. In today’s digital world, access to information is limitless. How do we guide children and youth to filter information, to evaluate them and make an informed decision? At Levra Foundation, we do not stop at helping children and youth to gather information but we also guide them to be able to apply this to their daily life. This is why we are committed to continuously enrich them through our mentorship programs to help them realize their full potential.

Imagine the youths connecting with younger children reading to them and interacting with caring adults to mentor them and guide them?


Our Principle

We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. However, times are changing and we need more than just a village. We need a strong community, a community with the same passion. At Levra foundation, we bring families and communities together (digitally or physically) to enrich the minds and well-being of our children through reading, teaching  and we continuously empower them through mentorship to maximize their potential so that they can live a life of great possibilities and contribute to the common good.


5 Pillars of Service

To support our mission and vision, Levra Foundation has five pillars of service to enrich children and youth.