Spark creative learning through Music, Art, Dance, Drama, Literature, Electronic Arts and Sports with this fun and educational FREE virtual summer camp



In the digital world where we live today, the ability to maintain these connections has proven difficult. Levra Foundation hopes to change this, with the MADDLES summer program, devoted to the ignition and development of every child’s passion through the use of online platforms.  

The MADDLES program will be carried out virtually and cover beginner lessons in subjects ranging from Music, Art, Dance, Drama, Literature, Electronic Arts and Sports. Though the classes will be carried out online, the nature of youth facilitator-student connection remains strong, as the sessions will involve open communication, and hands-on activities from the comfort of your homes.  

Our MADDLES programs are designed to

educate and encourage

5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds.


Children will learn more about themselves while discovering new passions and enhancing their communication skills. Their self-expression through courageous creativity will develop their self-confidence and help them learn respect, for themselves and others.

Parents can register for as many or as few courses as their children likes while mixing and matching our 7 different subjects (Music, Art, Dance, Drama, Literature, Electronic Arts and Sports). We offer packages to suit every need and every budget.

This camp will be led by dedicated youth leaders who have completed our YELP program (Youth Educators and Leaders Program). These proven leaders are empowering other youth and children to learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves. By joining MADDLES, you are not only supporting children development, but Youth empowerment as well.

MADDLES is packed with amazing, fun, and interactive virtual activities and learning to keep your kids busy this summer! We will also be taking feedback so that we can continue to improve our program.


We are happy to announce that we are offering MADDLES sessions for FREE! We are excited to share these fun and interactive sessions with anyone and everyone!


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